Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does “Onder” mean?

Onder is a dutch word meaning “in a position lower than, or covered by”. To us, the name is a play on our promise to be "On top of everything under the roof.

Ok… but what does that mean in practice?

We’re proactive: sending skilled home technicians on a regular basis to help you avoid nasty, expensive and preventable problems later.

We’re available: quickly addressing any issue or project around the home with our network of skilled, vetted service providers.

Why an Onder membership?

You're busy. You have a lot of things on your mind and you know the cost of managing your house is more than just the dollar cost of repairs. It takes time and energy to properly care for your home. We’re the duck legs under the water... taking the time necessary to manage your home so you don’t have to.

The Onder membership is the one refrigerator magnet needed to get stuff done under the roof and around your home. We save you time and money by taking care of the home before issues arise.

Is there a typical Onder member?

Young families with ridiculously complicated schedules... Busy professionals burning the midnight oil... Weekend warriors that prefer to be on an airplane, on the mountain or in water with their free time... Recently retired seniors looking forward to their next chapter of leisure... Sound like you? You might benefit from an Onder membership!

Onder was built to let homeowners focus their attention on the more enjoyable, or important things in their lives.

What about my investment properties?

Our primary purpose is to support the place you call home. Have an investment house within our service area? Yeah, we can help with that also - let us know your setup by emailing and we’ll get back to you about special pricing for investment properties.

I signed up - what’s next?

Welcome to Onder! We’re truly thrilled to have you onboard and part of the Onder community.

The first thing you’ll see when you sign up is your personalized Onder dashboard. This is where you go to track your home care and request support.

You’ll also hear from one of our home account managers to set up your home onboarding visit. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your home better so we can establish a home care plan built just for you! We try to have your home onboarding session within the first few weeks of signing up depending on availability.

In the meantime, you can let us know what projects you have that you would like to start. Our home team is ready to support you immediately.

Who are the people coming to my home?

Depends on the type of project.

Onboarding visits are handled by one of Onder home representatives. This visit is to establish the relationship and set us all up for success - so we send one of ours. Regular preventative care visits are performed by our Onder home representatives as well.

General maintenance follow ups will either be with one of our home technicians or a trusted, vetted vendor that we use for these types of visits.

For everything else, Onder taps into our private network of vetted, skilled partners and specialists. When we recommend someone that isn’t an Onder employee, rest assured knowing that they’ve been thoroughly vetted by us. All of our partners are licensed, bonded and insured and have an existing track record of service excellence in their field.

What do you charge for projects not covered by the subscription?

We try to make pricing transparent and simple. We charge $100/hr for any general maintenance task performed by one of our field technicians that isn’t covered in the preventative visit. For jobs performed by one of our outside partners, we source competitive rates and will charge a 10% processing fee on top of the vendor rate to cover our expenses. You’ll know the costs of all projects before we send someone to your house.

Can an Onder representative be at my house when vendors arrive so I don’t have to be there?

That’s a great idea and something we hope to provide in the future! We currently don’t ask for access to your home when you’re not around.

What if something goes wrong?

We stand by the work done by our professionals and will work with you till you’re happy. For projects done by our partner network, we are your advocate and are on your side to make sure the job is done to your liking.

Is there anything you don’t do?!

We’re still an early stage startup, so there are certainly some projects beyond our scope. We aren’t equipped to manage large remodels or construction projects that would require an active GC. We can help you source a GC, but it won’t be us.

We also aren’t supporting apartments or condos at the moment.

If you have an emergency, like a gas leak or a fire, please call your local authorities (i.e. the fire department) for assistance!

Can I provide a gift membership to a friend, family member or a client?

Absolutely! Contact us to learn more about our gifting opportunities

Are you a builder, real estate agent or other professional looking to delight your clients with a proactive subscription that provides immediate, and ongoing, value? Let us know at

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We’d be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

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